Ciera Kensington

Ciera Kensington. 23. Singer/Songwriter/Musician. Texas Born & Raised. Moved to Tennessee for Music. I post about new experiences in a new world, my life as it changes daily, my cute dog, gluten free food, Christmas, Texas, and my music.

"Try the grey stuff, it’s delicious!"❤️ (at Be Our Guest Restaurant)
Everything is better at Disney!❤️🍭🍬🍰🍪🍫 (at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom)
🏰🎆🎇👑❤️ (at Disney’s Magic Kingdom)
Disney World, here we come!❤️ (at Nashville International Airport)
I get to marry @easterdaymatt today!❤️💑👰🎊🎉
Burger Up dinner with my Man of Honor & the rest of the bridal party!❤️
Spending the day with my amazing bridal party!❤️
Another wonderful shot from the rehearsal today, courtesy of @sarahbabcock
Rehearsing for the best day of my life.❤️👰💑

Tswizzle should really bring me along as a backup dancer on her next tour.👯