Ciera Kensington

Ciera Kensington. 23. Singer/Songwriter/Musician. Texas Born & Raised. Moved to Tennessee for Music. I post about new experiences in a new world, my life as it changes daily, my cute dog, gluten free food, Christmas, Texas, and my music.

And so it begins. Married life, y’all. Love you @easterdaymatt ❤️
Now that we’re home, it’s time to eat all the leftover wedding candy! (While we clean up all the confetti filled balloons left in our house and get Matt’s keys out of ice)
Just found this awkward/scary family photo on my phone. I miss my beautiful bridal party already.😭❤️
Totally forgot about this. When we arrived at our resort, someone greeted us with this cute little sign!❤️
Our last night celebrating at Disney.❤️✨🌟💫
Be Our Guest wins the award for prettiest dessert.❤️

❤️🎉🎊🎆💫✨🌟 (at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom)

The chef made me gluten free waffles this morning. And they look like Mickey Mouse. Can we just stay here forever @easterdaymatt?❤️ (at Sassagoula Food Court Disney’s French Quarter)

Perfect way to end a magical a week at Disney.❤️✨🌟💫🎆 (at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom)