Ciera Kensington

Ciera Kensington. 23. Singer/Songwriter/Musician. Texas Born & Raised. Moved to Tennessee for Music. I post about new experiences in a new world, my life as it changes daily, my cute dog, gluten free food, Christmas, Texas, and my music.

Guess who gets to go home later today?!šŸ˜€šŸ‘ (at Vanderbilt Medical Center)
Our engagement photo plans were interrupted, but we made the best of it! :) (at Vanderbilt Medical Center)
Arm candy.
@easterdaymatt brought me cookies so everything is okay now.šŸŖ
Our #magicbands are here!
I like them better when I’m sick for weeks. They don’t ever leave me. Also, Riley looks insane.
Did anyone else totally miss this part of Peter Pan as a child? They only tried to kill Wendy…no big deal.
"Wake up, mom. I need cuddles."šŸ˜»ā¤ļø
Snuggled up with my Riley Bug (she’s being camera shy) & watching Enchanted.ā¤ļøšŸ°šŸ‘‘
Seriously? You couldn’t find any other place to sit?