Ciera Kensington

Ciera Kensington. 23. Singer/Songwriter/Musician. Texas Born & Raised. Moved to Tennessee for Music. I post about new experiences in a new world, my life as it changes daily, my cute dog, gluten free food, Christmas, Texas, and my music.

Dinner at Whole Foods with my love.šŸ’— @easterdaymatt  (at Whole Foods Market - Franklin, TN)
I learned how to squinch today. I also wore really uncomfortable heels.
I feel your pain, Cher. I’m a bad driver, too. #wcw #clueless #cher
4 months from today I get to wear a pretty dress, marry the man of my dreams, and celebrate with all my friends and family. I absolutely cannot wait to spend forever with you, @easterdaymatt!

Adding some chipmunk style in the studio tonight…

Just got back from ukulele night at the studio. I think my cats are happy I’m home.
1 day! #DanceWithYou
2 days…just 2 days! Can’t wait to share the first song from WORDS. :) #DanceWithYou
P.S. Someone put a kitten inside a Cadbury egg & it’s the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen.
Henry decided to sleep in the bath tub tonight…