Ciera Kensington

Ciera Kensington. 23. Singer/Songwriter/Musician. Texas Born & Raised. Moved to Tennessee for Music. I post about new experiences in a new world, my life as it changes daily, my cute dog, gluten free food, Christmas, Texas, and my music.

4 days until #DanceWithYou! :)
5 days until #DanceWithYou! :)
Late nights. Great nights. Studio nights.
It’s been a long day/night…
Vocal night…when you can eat lays potato chips & not feel bad about it. :)
Slippers in the studio kinda night.
6 days until #DanceWithYou!šŸ’—
The best.
These two…how can you not love sleepy kitties?šŸ˜»šŸ±šŸ’¤
Mickey Mouse recording vocals tonight.
No need to go to the store for sweets when your mom owns a bakery (and makes gluten free goodies for you!). (at Delectable Art Bakery)